We believe that when it comes to running a network and bringing in the necessary connectivity, paying attention is the number one detail that matters.

  • We own and operate our own network :: we don't depend on the phone company for our upstream connections.

  • Our network is built for growth :: when our customers need extra bandwidth, it's available on the spot.

  • Using BGP, we have access to multiple transit and upstream providers giving us redundancy for your business or personal computing needs that you can depend on.

  • We are specific in picking our upstream providers :: We care about quality over quantity.

Cline networks only bills server clients for the average bandwidth utilized in a given period. Our virtual or shared domain accounts are billed only for what is tracked based on Apache logs so that is absolutely correct and no need to convert.

For dedicated & colocation customers, we price the bandwidth using what is commonly referred to as the 95th percentile. This method takes readings of inbound and outbound bandwidth utilization on regular intervals. The larger bandwidth of the two is recorded. At the end of the billing period, the highest 5% of the readings are discarded and the customer is charged for a full month of utilization at the 95% mark. What is misunderstood is that it takes approximately 30 hours for the spike to reach a point where it would be billable.

This method allows some level of protection against short traffic spikes. Whether it be a Denial of Service attack or a popular website, the 95th percentile billing allows the short spikes without an increase in your monthly invoice.

Cline Communications only charges based upon average transfer. This method is ideal for our hosting customers as it results in lower bandwidth charges. Instead of penalizing for peak hour consumption, this method only charges you for the bandwidth you use. Referring to the graph, in the 95th percentile method you would be charged for bandwidth utilization at a rate of 2.0 Mbps sustained across the entire month. We also give our customers the option of being billed for the bandwidth they actually use. We will work with our customers creating monthly graphs to assure that we don't oversell our bandwidth to customers.

The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.